Fluke 810SMM

Fluke 810smm sensor magnet mount

Fluke 810smm sensor magnet mount
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Primo number :FL810SMM
Brand :Fluke
Brand number :810SMM

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Fluke 810SMM sensor magnet mount *** SAVE 10% WHEN YOU PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT ONLINE *** If you're working with Fluke's 810-series vibration sensor, you'll be aware of the need to securely attach probes when you're using the device to assess vibration strength in engines and other machinery. The 810SMM is the best way to attach a probe to the test piece quickly and securely in the field. The Fluke 810SMM sensor magnet mount is a neat metal assembly with a precisely machined base to hold the the probe securely against the test piece. The mount is lightweight but has an extremely strong internal magnet with a pull force of 48lbs. As a result, it's virtually impossible to shake it loose, no matter what happens with the test piece. The outer housing is gnurled, affording a secure grip to the operator and ensuring that, when it's time to pack up, the mount can be removed quickly and conveniently. The 810SMM is an essential addition to the field test armoury of any engineer working with Fluke vibration sensors.

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