Phenix Technologies HC-3

Phenix hc3 portable high current test set( 1000a max ouput)

Phenix hc3 portable high current test set( 1000a max ouput)
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Primo number :PHHC3
Brand :Phenix Technologies
Brand number :HC-3

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PHENIX HC3 PORTABLE HIGH CURRENT TEST SET( 1000A max ouput) • Innovative solutions for any project • Optimum safety features • Over 35 years experience • ISO 9001 Quality Certification ensures the highest in-house quality control in both the design and manufacturing process • Superior reliability and versatility for years of extended service life • Longest Warranty in the industry Phenix Technologies’ High Current Test Sets provide a short duration output through a typical molded-case circuit breaker when an instantaneous trip element must be tested. Sufficient current is available for testing time delay characteristics of motor overload relays and molded-case circuit breakers. The unique auto-sensing feature makes the test set easy to operate. Sensing leads, which operate on either normally- open or normally-closed (non-energized) devices, are connected to the test object auxiliary contacts or open breaker pole. The output current level can be easily preset. When the output is initiated, the preset output current locks on and the timer starts. When the test set senses a change in state of the test object auxiliary contacts (NO to NC or NC to NO), the current shuts off and the timer stops. For instantaneous trip tests, the memory feature of the currentmeter holds the peak current value until reset by the operator. TESTING APPLICATIONS • Ideal for testing thermal, magnetic, and solid-state motor overload relays, as well as molded-case circuit breakers and ground fault trip devices • They can also be used in many other applications requiring a high current source SPECIFICATIONS 1- INPUT Voltage/Current: 230 VAC, 25 Amp Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz (one must be specified) 2- OUTPUT Voltage/Current: 0-15 VAC, 0-200 A 0-7.5 VAC, 0-400 A 0-3.75 VAC, 0-800 A 3- OVERLOAD: 3000 A Short duration overloads are possible on each tap. The test set is capable of 3000 A (HC3), 5000 A (HC5), depending on the impedance of the test circuit. 4- DUTY C YCL ES Continuous @ 100% 5 min ON/15 min OFF @ 200% 1 min ON/10 min OFF @ 300% 10 sec ON/5 min OFF @400% 3 sec ON/5 min OFF @ 500% DIGI TAL METERING Currentmeter: 4 1/2 digit LCD Ranges: 0-1.9999/19.999/199.99/5000 A Accuracy: +/-1% Full Scale 0-2 A; 2000-5000 A +/-0.5% Full Scale 2-2000 A Timer: 6 digit LCD, in cycles or seconds Range: 0-999999 cycles or 0-9999.99 seconds Accuracy: +/-0.1% of reading +/- least significant digit

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