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Primo number :KY4200
Brand :Kyoritsu
Brand number :KEW4200

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KYORITSU 4200 DIGITAL EARTH CLAMP TESTER • The earth resistance from 0.05 to 1200O can be measured without the auxiliary earth spikes. (The Multiple Earthing System.) • True RMS Accurate true RMS readings of AC current including distorted waveform from 1mA to 30.0A • Noise Check Function A function to detect current, which effects on an earth resistance measurement and display "NOISE" mark on the LCD. • Memory function Save and display up to 100 measurement data. • Data hold function / Buzzer function / Back light function • Compliant with Safety Standards of IEC 61010-1 : CAT.IV 300V Pollution degree2 Note: A single earthing can not be measured. (Only for Multiple Earthing System) Why e arth resistance can be found by only clamping it? Rx, is defined as earth resistance under test, and R1, R2…Rn are defined as earth resistance of other measuring objects. Of these earth resistances, R1, R2,… Rn can be considered that they are connected in parallel. And can be regarded as a combined resistance Rs. The Rs can be regarded small enough against Rx since a combined resistance consists of several resistances. Voltage V is applied to the object (Resistance Rx) measured from the voltage injection transformer CT1, and the current I corresponding to the earth resistance is flowed. The current I is detected with detection transformer CT2, and object (Resistance Rx) measured can be put out by the calculation.

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