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Primo number :FL714
Brand :Fluke
Brand number :714

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FLUKE 714 THERMOCOUPLE CALIBRATOR w/NIST CERTIFICATE The Fluke 714 Thermocouple Calibrator delivers outstanding performance, durability and reliability. The calibrator is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. With a push button interface similar to the multifunction Fluke 740 Series Documenting Process Calibrators, the 714 is easy to use. It is EMI tolerant, dust and splash resistant, and features a removable battery door for quick battery changes. FEATURES AT A GLANCE: * Measure temperature from TC output * Simulate TC output * Operable with nine types of thermocouples * Calibrate linear TC transmitter with mV source function * Selectable ºF or ºC * Thermocouple mini-jack termination * Available as accessories: Fluke-700TC1 and TC2 Thermocouple Mini-plug Kits * Holster features test lead storage * Compatible with toolpack magnetic hanging system

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