Kyoritsu KEW 8035

Kyoritsu 8035 non-contact safety phase indicator

Kyoritsu 8035 non-contact safety phase indicator
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Primo number :KY8035
Brand :Kyoritsu
Brand number :KEW 8035

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KYORITSU 8035 NON-CONTACT SAFETY PHASE INDICATOR - New technology permits safe testing, without the need of direct contact between probes and live wires. - The insulated crocodile clips can clip insulated cables from f2.4 to 30mm. - Phase rotation is indicated by the rotary illumination of LEDs and logical audible tones. - The instrument can be fixed to a metal panel via the magnet on the back side. - Wide measuring range for 3 phase installations from 70V to 1000V AC. - Super brightness function permits clear LED's indication also in sunshine. - Complies with IEC 61010-1 CAT.IV 600V and CAT.III 1000V. Specifications Functions: Phase rotation (Clockwise or Counter Clockwise), Presence of open phase Detection Method: Electrostatic induction Measuring Voltage Range: From 70 to 1000V AC phase to phase (sine wave, continuous input) Clamp Diameter Range: From Diameter 2.4 to 30mm insulated cables Measuring Frequency Range: 45 to 66Hz Phase Rotation: - Clockwise: Green arrow LEDs "rotate" in clockwise, Green symbol "CW" lits, Intermittent buzzer - Counter Clockwise: Red arrow LEDs "rotate" in counter clockwise, Red symbol "CCW" lits, continuous buzzer Visual Indication: Via LEDs with Super brightness function Operating Conditions: Temperature/Humidity Ranges -10 to 50C, 80% (no condensation) Storage Conditions: Temperature/Humidity Ranges -20 to 60C, 80% (no condensation) Power Supply: Alkaline battery(LR6)×4, Continuous use: Approx. 100 hours (Auto power off in about 10 min.) Battery Voltage Warning: Power LED blinks if battery voltage is too low. Test Leads: Double insulated cables, length approx. 70cm Colours Code: L1(U): Red L2(V): White L3(W): Blue Applicable Standards : IEC 61010-1 CAT.IV 600V, CAT.III 1000V Pollution degree2 IEC 61326 IEC 61557-1, -7 Dimensions / Weight : 112(L)×61(W)×36(D)mm / Approx. 380g

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