Hanna HI 70030P

Hanna hi70030p conductivity calibration solutions

Hanna hi70030p conductivity calibration solutions
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Primo number :HAHI70030P
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Brand number :HI 70030P

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HANNA HI70030P CONDUCTIVITY CALIBRATION SOLUTIONS, 25 x 20 ml The calibration of the instrument/sensor measuring system will ensure correct and reproducible results. The use of standard calibration solutions is therefore fundamental for the highest accuracy of the measuring system. The HANNA instruments® wide range of conductivity calibration solutions has been produced to ensure the maximum accuracy for conductivity meters and probes. Guaranteed Accuracy Your conductivity meter can be calibrated in a few minutes right in your laboratory or in the field. HANNA instruments® offers a wide range of conductivity solutions in different forms and values. Each label shows the production batch number, expiration date and conductivity/ temperature correlation table. Certified Solutions and FDA Compliant Bottles For those users that require maximum accuracy, EC (conductivity) solutions are available in sachets with certificates of analysis, and in opaque bottles that meet FDA requirements. High Accuracy Solutions HI 60xx high accuracy solutions are also available.

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