Fluke 700HPP-NPT

FLUKE 700HPP-NPT High Pressure Pneumatic Test Pump, 21 MPA

FLUKE 700HPP-NPT High Pressure Pneumatic Test Pump, 21 MPA
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Primo number :FL700HPP-NPT
Brand :Fluke
Brand number :700HPP-NPT

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FLUKE 700HPP-NPT High Pressure Pneumatic Test Pump, 21 MPA (3000 psi), NPT (without manifold) Fluke announces the new Fluke 700HPPK Pneumatic Test Pump Kit. The 700HPPK generates and adjusts pneumatic pressures up to 21 MPa (3000 psi) without requiring a nitrogen bottle or other external pressure supply. The kit consists of a high pressure pump to generate pressures up to 3000 psi and a calibration manifold to finely adjust and compare pressure indications between a device under test and a reference gauge. It also comes with a rugged carrying case, high pressure tubing and NPT fittings. The high pressure pump is also available without the manifold (700HPP) for those who will use their own manifold. The manifold can also be purchased separately. . Includes Calibration Manifold for easy connection to gauges and adjustment of pressures. . Rugged, portable and stable enough to work almost anywhere . Reaches 3000 psi in 20 seconds into a 30 cubic centimeter volume . in]line filter and desiccant systems protect device from contamination from the DUT SPECIFICATIONS: Max Working Pressure :3000 psi Manifold: Optional accessory Contamination Prevention : Desiccant system Pressure Generation Time :20 seconds Supplied Test Port Adapters : 1/8, 1/4 NPT

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