Megger DET3TD

Megger det3td digital ground tester

Megger det3td digital ground tester
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Primo number :MEDET3TD
Brand :Megger
Brand number :DET3TD

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MEGGER DET3TD DIGITAL GROUND TESTER - IP54 rated - 2 and 3 point testing - Selectable 25 V or 50 V output - Complete with lead and stake kit - Simple one button operation - Hardwearing carry case - Delivered with calibration certificate The new ground testing instrument family from Megger offers a unique solution to your ground rod testing needs. The complete kit of instrument, test leads, stakes, batteries and calibration certificate are delivered in a tough polypropylene carry case - everything you need to start testing in one kit. The ground tester is rated to IP54 making it truly an outdoor instrument. The ground tester has been designed to be easy to use - a large selector switch makes selection of 2 and 3 pole test easy with gloved hands - and the design makes the fitting of shorting links to perform 2 pole tests a thing of the past. A large, clear, easy to read LCD display and thumb sized test button again makes the instrument particularly suited to the outdoor conditions of ground testing. In addition to this ease of use, the ground tester also automatically checks the connection and condition of the P and C spike, indicating the status on the display. The instrument also includes a voltmeter to allow you to measure the ground voltage. The ground tester can measure resistance from 0.01 Ohms through to 2000 Ohms and earth voltages up to 100 V. To allow accurate testing in noisy environments the instrument is capable of rejecting noise of up to 40 V peak to peak. The Megger digital ground tester is powered by eight AA batteries which are widely available and also give excellent testing time - the status of these batteries is given by a bar graph on the LCD display allowing you to decide when to change the batteries, before they expire. The Megger ground testers are designed to meet stringent safety standards and are rated CAT IV 100 V.

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