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Brand number :PQA820

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HT-INSTRUMENTS SELF-POWERED 3-PHASE POWER QUALITY ANALYZER w/USB & WI-FI HT PQA820 is a three-phase power quality analyzer and energy logger performing an easy and wide analysis of the most significant parameters of the electrical system. Thanks to an innovative project, the instrument can be interfaced to smart phones, tablets and PDAs (iOS and/or Android) meeting the requests of the most demanding professionals. All the electrical parameters can be displayed in both numerical and graphical mode, by waveforms, histograms and phasors. The vector diagram shows the phase angle between any voltage and the related current, revealing the inductive or capacitive nature of the loads connected. The large built-in memory allows to log up to 383 parameters, granting a recording lasting more than one month with an integration period of 10 minutes. HT PQA820 three-phase power quality analyzer records all parameters by default so avoiding any failure. The user will never miss recording the parameters he needs, since PQA820 records everything while selecting one of the three predefined settings (single phase, 3-phase without neutral, 3-phase with neutral). PQA820 three-phase energy logger is powered by an internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery with a built-in user-selectable L-N or L-L power supply. The Wi-Fi and the USB interfaces grant connection to smart phones, tablets, PDAs and PCs for instrument setting, recording start and stop, data downloading, and data analysis. Its IP65 waterproof hard carrying case allows PQA820 to work outdoors under critical environmental conditions Functions o DC voltage o TRMS voltage with 4 inputs for line(s) and neutral (if any) o DC current o TRMS current with 4 inputs for line(s) and neutral (if any) o DC power o Active, reactive and apparent power o Active, reactive and apparent energy o Power factor and cos-phi o Frequency o Up to 383 parameters to be recorded at once o Integration period selectable from 5 seconds to 60 minutes o Voltage and current harmonic analysis up to the 49th order o Voltage anomalies (sags, swells) with 10ms resolution o Numerical data analysis (DMM function) o Graphical display of voltage and current (scope) o Harmonic histogram o Vectorial diagram of voltages and currents o Voltage unbalance o Predefined recording settings o Built-in memory for data logging o Wi-Fi and USB interfaces o Android/iOS/Windows software o Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with built-in power supply o Waterproof IP65 hard carrying case ------------------------------------- Keyword : PQA HT Italia

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