Fluke MT-8200-63A


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Primo numéro :FLMT8200-63A
Manufacturier :Fluke
Manufacturier numéro : MT-8200-63A

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FLUKE MT-8200-63A SONDE INTELLITONE 200 IntelliTone Breakthrough Digital Signaling Technology Only IntelliTone Toners and Probes bring the performance breakthrough of digital signal technology to common problems that come up in installing, maintaining, changing and troubleshooting your network. Locate Cables Quickly and Easily. Fluke Networks Engineering has applied decades of cable testing expertise to the science of locating copper cables. The result is what we call IntelliTone technology-a smart digital signal-toning and signal-interpreting process that rapidly and precisely zeroes in on even the most elusive cables. With IntelliTone digital technology, analog hassles are history. IntelliTone Toners and Probes succeeds in all of the situations where analog technology fails-such as locating cable in a bundle despite signal bleed from cable to cable. Differentiating the tone from noise or a false signal. And finding a signal due to active network terminations. Simply attach the IntelliTone Toner to a cable and set the sensing mode on the IntelliTone Probe. IntelliTone technology energizes cable conductors with a smart, sychronized digital signal. Multiple tone types occur in the signal that help you to: - LOCATE a cable from a distance using maximum radiation - ISOLATE a cable from a bundle using a balanced signal with minimum radiation - VALIDATE cable conductor continuity with an automated signal that steps through each conductor The IntelliTone Probe's signal selection thumbwheel lets you choose which tone type to use. Controlled LED signal indicators and audio tones simplify signal interpretation and take the guesswork out of cable location, reducing even the toughest locating problems into a few minutes' work. The IntelliTone Toner and Probe also does the work of multiple testers-integrating the essential diagnostic and troubleshooting features to validate cable conductor continuity, identify service, and troubleshoot as needed. It would take two to four other testers to locate and test the diverse array of cabling types that IntelliTone handles. Features - Digital Technology - Locate and Isolate Cabling - Validate Cable Continuity - Tone Live Network - Identify Telecom Services - Verify Ethernet Service

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