AEMC MN261 CURRENT PROBE, AC, BNC - 100mV/A-24A; 10mV/A-240A

AEMC MN261 CURRENT PROBE, AC, BNC - 100mV/A-24A; 10mV/A-240A
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Primo numéro :AE211582
Manufacturier :AEMC
Manufacturier numéro :MN261

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AEMC 2115.82 MODEL MN261 OSCILLOSCOPES & BNC TERMINATED PROBES • Small, compact size • Large jaw opening accommodates conductors up to 250kcmil • Designed for DMMs, loggers, recorders and oscilloscopes • Conforms to EN 61010, 600V CAT III The MN261 is a high sensitivity probe with voltage outputs (100mV/A and 10mV/A) and combine two switch-selectable ranges of 20A and 200A, thus permitting accurate measurements at low and high levels. The MN261 is designed for oscilloscopes and other BNC terminated instruments. It has two performing ranges (20A, 200A) both voltage output (100mV/A and 10mV/A) and 40Hz to 10kHz response. APPLICATIONS - Measuring in breaker panels - Industrial loads - HVAC - Residential and commercial sites - 5A secondary current transformers (CTs) monitoring

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