Fluke I20/200A-CLAMP-PQ4


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Primo number :FLI20/200ACLAMPPQ4
Brand :Fluke
Brand number :I20/200A-CLAMP-PQ4

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*** SAVE 10% WHEN YOU PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT ONLINE *** Fluke I20/200A-CLAMP-PQ4 4-phase 20A/200A Mini Clamp-On Current Probes Your Fluke 1735 or 1740 will already be able to provide you with high quality services and capabilities, but with the addition of the Fluke i20/200A CLAMP PQ4 4-Phase Mini Current Clamp Set, you can be sure that you get accurate results even when you're working with low level, secondary current transformers. So no matter what kind of equipment you're working with, you can be sure that these Fluke clamps can provide you with accurate results. You will be able to perform measurements on an extended array of equipment, providing you with the ability to perform in a range of industries. The simple clamping mechanism means that it's easy to connect your clamps to a huge range of devices. Simply use the wires that are provided within the Fluke i20/200A CLAMP PQ4 4-Phase Mini Current Clamp Set, and you can connect the clamps to your scopemeter and get the procedure going. It's important for the safety of your workers and for your company to stay within the realms of the law, to ensure that all of the equipment you use is working at a safe and efficient level. This Fluke set makes it easy for you to perform tests on a wide range of equipment.

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