Amprobe ULD-300

Amporbe uld-300 ultrasonic leak detector

Amporbe uld-300 ultrasonic leak detector
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Primo number :AMULD300
Brand :Amprobe
Brand number :ULD-300

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AMPORBE ULD-300 ULTRASONIC LEAK DETECTOR . Detects the ultrasonic noise created by pressure or vacuum leaks of any gas, regardless of type: CFC's, HFC's, Nitrogen, CO2, Steam, etc. . Unaffected by contaminants, or windy conditions . Identifies failing solenoids, valves and bearings . Includes headphones, extension tube, parabola (reflector . Audible & Visual Leak Indicators . Battery condition indicator When leaks occur they often generate an ultrasonic frequency that is beyond human hearing. Amprobe's TMULD-300 converts these sounds into an audible range for easy detection. The TMULD-300 tests pressurized air lines, refrigeration systems, and steam lines for leaks. Quickly and easily locate a leak location with this unique device.

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