Fluke 53-2-B

Fluke 53-2-b single inputthermometer w/recording

Fluke 53-2-b single inputthermometer w/recording
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Primo number :FL53-2-B
Brand :Fluke
Brand number :53-2-B

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*** SAVE 10% WHEN YOU PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT ONLINE *** Fluke 53-2-B single input thermometer with recording . Relative time clock on MIN, MAX, and AVG provides a time reference for major events . Electronic Offset function allows compensation of thermocouple errors to maximize overall accuracy . Measures J, K, T, R, S, N and E-types of thermocouples . Readout in ºC, ºF, or Kelvin (K) . Splash and dust resistant case protected by impact absorbing holster . Large backlit dual display shows any combination of T1, T2 (52 and 54 only), T1-T2 (52 and 54 only), plus MIN, MAX, or AVG. . Recall function allows logged data to be easily reviewed on the meter display . USB communication port allows data to be exported to optional FlukeView Forms Temperature PC software for further analysis and graphing . Data Logging up to 500 points of data with user adjustable recording interval The Fluke 53 II B contact thermometer and data logger offers fast response and laboratory accuracy (0.05% + 0.3°C) in a rugged, handheld test tool. Includes: - Users Manual, holster, battery( installed), - 80-PK-1 bead probe thermocouple.

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