AEMC MF300-6-2-10

AEMC MF300-6-2-10 MINIFLEX®30/300A, 6",100mV/10mV/A

AEMC  MF300-6-2-10 MINIFLEX®30/300A, 6",100mV/10mV/A
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Primo number :AE212681
Brand :AEMC
Brand number :MF300-6-2-10

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AEMC MF 300-6-2-10 AMPFLEX, MINIFLEX & DIGITAL FLEXPROBE PROBES • Measures from 0.5Arms to 300Arms • Accuracy 1% of Reading ± 0.2A • TRMS measurements when connected to a TRMS instrument • No core saturation or damage if overloaded • Overrange LED for measurement circuitry • EN 61010; 1000V CAT III; 600V CAT IV; CE Mark • 20kHz frequency response • Low phase shift for power measurements • Insensitive to DC, measures only • AC component on DC + AC signals • Excellent linearity The MiniFlex® 300-6-2-10 (30/300A - 100mV/10mV/A) is a new flexible sensor for AC current measurements. Significantly more compact than the majority of the sensors on the market, the MiniFlex® sensor can be used for measurements in confined spaces or places where access is difficult. The Model MF 300-6-2-10 has a 6" sensor length and is equipped with banana or BNC connector and can be connected directly to any multimeter, wattmeter or logger for effective measurements at the standard frequencies. APPLICATIONS - Power measurements - Measurements on switchboards - Measurements on thyristors - Switching measurements (disconnecting switch, etc.) - Display of control signals

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