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Brand number :PWS-620

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PROSTAT PWS-620 METAL WRIST STRAP METAL WRISTBAND ADJUSTS TO VIRTUALLY ANY WRIST SIZE • Includes a 10 foot cord with 1 meg Ohm Resistor • Adjustable strap to fit virtually any wrist size • Comes manufactured in 130mm lengths • Can be enlarged using one or more of the five (5) 10mm nylon expansion links included The PWS-620 Wrist Strap features a metal wristband that incorporates a patented linking system. It enables you to adjust the strap to fit virtually any wrist size. This unique band comes manufactured in 130mm lengths and can be easily enlarged using one or more of the five 10mm nylon expansion links included. The band is extremely comfortable, as each one is "custom fit" to the user. This band eliminates the need to stock bands of various sizes. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 1- CUFF ASSEMBLY CONSTRUCTION: Made from jewelry quality stainless steel, non-rusting, tested to MIL STD 202 Method 101. THICKNESS: 3.5mm, average weight 33 grams. Manufactured to 130mm circumference with 5 10mm nylon expansion l links . ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES *Outer band: insulative at 500V per unit millimeter, coating is polyurethane based polymer. *Inner band: Conductive - <1.0x104. QUALITY CONTROL: Each band is date and lot coded to total quality control and auditing. ELASTICITY : Expansion ratio 1.5:1. SNAP/SIZE : 4mm post snap for ground cord, non rusting, tested to MIL STD 202 Method 101. COLOR : Gray. MARKINGS : Prostat logo . MEETS OR EXCEEDS : DOD-HDBK-263, DOD-STD-1686, EOS/ESD Std. No. 1-1987, EN10015/1. UL LISTED : File E 157590. 2- CORD ASSEMBLY CORD: Heavy Duty, Lightweight construction of Single bundle, laced tensile conductors reinforced with synthetic fibers. Cord Diameter: 0.06" Coil Diameter: 0.26" Alligator clip supplied. RESISTOR : One megohm (±10%) resistor molded into snap connection. GROUND CONNECTION : Standard banana plug. WARRANTY : Warranted for One Year against mechanical and electrical defects. CORD EXTENSION : Full extension greater than 13 feet; Working Length greater than 10 feet. TESTED : Provides over 100,000 bending cycles per EOS/ESD-S1.0-1987 procedures. WARNING A one-megohm resistor has been molded into the plastic cap on the ground cord fastener. DO NOT REMOVE. If it becomes damaged, replace ground cord immediately. Do not use in areas where the individual may come in contact with electrical circuits exceeding 250 volts. CAUTION The Prostat wrist strap is for static control. It will not reduce or increase your risk of receiving electrical shock when using or working on electrical equipment. Follow the same procedures you would use without wrist straps, including: * Make certain that equipment having a grounding type plug is properly grounded. * Make certain that you are not in contact with grounded objects other than through the strap.

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