Vaisala DTR502B

Vaisala dtr502b solar radiation shield - 9 plates

Vaisala dtr502b solar radiation shield - 9 plates
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Primo number :VADTR502B
Brand :Vaisala
Brand number :DTR502B

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VAISALA DTR502B SOLAR RADIATION SHIELD - 9 PLATES The maintenance-free DTR502B shields protect the humidity and temperature sensors from solar radiation and precipitation. They provide excellent ventilation while blocking both direct and reflected solar radiation. The special plastic used in the plates has excellent thermal characteristics, the white outer surface reflects radiation the black inside absorbs accumulated heat. The shields can be easily installed on either a vertical pole, horizontal beam, or a flat surface. The 9-plate shield can be used with the HMT333, HMT337, PTU303 and PTU307.

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