Staubli Electrical Connectors Inc. (Multi-Contact) Z4S-150

Staubli ec z4s-150 4mm safety test lead set, 8 pieces

Staubli ec z4s-150 4mm safety test lead set, 8 pieces
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Primo number :MUZ4S150
Brand :Staubli Electrical Connectors Inc. (Multi-Contact)
Brand number :Z4S-150

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4mm SAFETY TEST LEAD SET (8-piece black/red) Multi-Contact Blisterline Part Number : Z4S-150 • 8-piece set • Suitable for electricians • Aligator terminals and cable lug adapter • Testing tips with protective tip caps Set Contents / Technical Data - 2 × XMS-484 Ø 4 mm safety test leads, Silicone insulated, 100 cm long, 1.0 mm² ; 1000 V / CAT III 19 A - 2 × PP-115/2 Push-on safety test probes, Ø 2 mm, stainless steel, rigid. Supplied with protective cap / 1000 V, CAT II 10 A - 2 × XKK-1001 Push-on safety crocodile clips with all-round insulation and strong jaws with surface for fi ne wire / 1000 V, CAT II max. 32 A - 2 × XKS-A Safety cable lug adapter / 1000 V, CAT II 20 A

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