Steinel TS550

Steinel ts550 thermasolder 550

Steinel ts550 thermasolder 550
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Brand :Steinel
Brand number :TS550

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STEINEL TS550 THERMASOLDER 550 Butane soldering iron with 25W-80W power range. Cordless and ready to use in 20 seconds with a refillable 20 ml tank for 120 minutes of continuous use. APPLICATIONS - Flameless heat is great for model work. - Perfect for the automotive industry when you need portablitly and no open flame. SPECIFICATIONS Accessories : Soldering Tip and Protective Cap Soldering Iron Tip : 410°F - 850°F (210°C - 450°C) Torch : 2400°F (1316°C) Flameless Heat : 1400°F (750°C) with available hot air blower tip Electric Equivalent : 25 - 80 watts Fuel Capacity : 20 ml (120 min) Fuel Type : Standard butane fuel Ignition : Manual ignition Kit Contents : TS 500 Soldering Iron, Soldering Tip, Reflector Tip, Hot Knife Tip, Heat Blower Tip, Blow Torch Tip, Tip Cleaning Sponge, Protective Cap and Case Nozzle Diameter : 0.06" (1.50 mm) Dimensions : TS 500 8.50" x 1.00" x 1.00" Net Weight : TS 500 0.14 lb (2.24 oz) Warranty : One year limited

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