Chatillon IN30

Chatillon in30 fishermen scales

Chatillon in30 fishermen scales
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Primo number :CHIN30
Brand :Chatillon
Brand number :IN30

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CHATILLON IN30 SCALE - Capacity x Readability (pound/ounce) : 30 lb x 8 oz - Capacity x Readability (kilograms) : 15 kg x 250 g Features - Avoirdupois and Metric Graduations - Eleven Capacities - Brass Construction with Precision Steel Springs - Lightweight with Fixed Holding Loop and Open Hook - Optional Maximum Reading Pointer - 5 Year Warranty Specifications - Accuracy: +1 Graduation - Maximum Overload: 125% of Rated Capacity - Tare Capacity: 10% Full Scale Capacity - Operating Temperature: 45°F to 100°F (7°C to 38°C)

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