Steinel platinum kit w/hl2010e

Steinel platinum kit w/hl2010e
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Primo number :*ST110049765
Brand :Steinel
Brand number :PLATINUM KIT+HL2010E

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STEINEL PLATINUM KIT WITH HL 2010 E • Microprocessor controlled • DuraTherm™ Heating Element guarantees long life • Electronically controlled temperature settings • LCD Display • Variable temperature from 120°F - 1150°F • IntelliTemp™ temperature control • Output: 1500 watts HL 2010 E Heat Gun is microprocessor controlled and features an LCD display which enables temperature selection in 10°F increments. Exclusive DuraTherm™ heating element ensures even heat and product longevity. The HL 2010 E is suitable for applying shrink tubing/connectors, activating/softening adhesives, working heat sensitive materials and other applications requiring a specific temperature. APPLICATIONS - In the autobody repair industry aluminum vehicle frames cannot be exposed to flame; therefore, they must be dismantled and repaired with a heat gun. A heat gun is used to loosen the adhesive at the joints allowing them to be separated. Simply direct the hot air where the joint is glued. - The flooring industry uses heat guns to weld plasticized PVC in flooring joints and seams. Plastic welding is also used in the automotive repair, MRO and orthotics and prothetics industries to repair plastics. - Applying shrink tubing is a practical application for heat guns in the MRO industry. Using the 9mm, 14 mm, 39 mm or the 75 mm reflector nozzle and a temperature range of 350 - 500°F (175 - 250°C) shrink tubes and solder connector can easily be applied. SPECIFICATIONS Temperature Range: 120°F - 1150°F (50°C - 620°F). Output (Watts): 1500W. Weight: 5 lbs.

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