Hanna HI 98311

Hanna hi 98311 waterproof ec/tds/temperature tester

Hanna hi 98311 waterproof ec/tds/temperature tester
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Primo number :HAHI98311
Brand :Hanna
Brand number :HI 98311

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HANNA HI 98311 WATERPROOF EC/TDS/TEMPERATURE TESTER The original DiST® (Dissolved Solids Tester) was first introduced in 1986 by HANNA instruments®. Since then, the measurement of Conductivity and Total Dissolved Solids has never been easier. The DiST®'s ease-of-use, in combination with its affordability, made it the standard in EC and TDS measurement. HANNA instruments® continues the tradition of innovation with the DiST®5 and DiST®6. We at HANNA instruments® have always valued the comments and suggestions coming from our customers. For this series, we have included all the features you have asked for and more! The DiST®5 and DiST®6 include features such as a replaceable graphite electrode, adjustable TDS ratio, temperature in °C or °F, automatic temperature compensation with adjustable â, battery level indicator, stability indicator, automatic shut-off and automatic calibration all in a floating, waterproof casing. This 3-in-1 tester is unmatched in EC/TDS/Temperature measurement!

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