Fluke T+CAN

Fluke t+can electrical tester( must be ordered in multiples)

Fluke t+can electrical tester( must be ordered in multiples)
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Primo number :FLT+CAN
Brand :Fluke
Brand number :T+CAN

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FLUKE T+ ELECTRICAL TESTER The Fluke T+ Electrical Tester offers all the functionality that electricians look for in volt meters and voltage and continuity testers, it is the basic electrical tester for residential electricians and HVAC technicians, who need a durable, reliable tool for testing voltage and continuity. It has all of the advantages of a traditional solenoid tester, with added functionality, but none of the typical drawbacks. The Fluke T+ Electrical Tester has three ways to detect ac/dc voltage: light, sound, and vibration. With voltage measurement, continuity, built-in flashlight, GFCI trip capability, and the legendary ruggedness and reliability of Fluke, it is an excellent choice for most light residential, and HVAC applications. The Fluke T+ Electrical Tester helps electricians comply with NPFA 70E Article 110.9 (A), which states that "Test equipment shall be rated for circuits and equipment... to which they will be connected. The T+ Electrical Tester carries a CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V rating, appropriate for most environments where electricians work. Applications: - Best suited for Commercial and residential electricians, HVAC technicians, and Apprentices. - Front-line residential electrical troubleshooting - AC/DC voltage measurement - Continuity testing - Testing GFCI circuits - Resistance measurement Features : - Safer than traditional solenoid testers - 3 forms of ac/dc voltage detection: lights, beeper, and vibration for added user protection and convenience - Still indicates live voltage without battery power for added user protection - Extra-heavy-duty, replaceable test leads for added durability - CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V rated for added user protection - Continuity beeper, GFCI Trip, Flashlight - Replaceable test probes for added convenience - Probe storage on back for added convenience - Probe holder for easier testing - Hazardous voltage warning light for added user protection - Test lead strap included for better test lead management - AC/DC Voltage: 12 V - 600 V - Auto-off to save battery power - 2-year warranty * When used properly per Article 110.9 Use of Equipment (A) Test Instruments and Equipment

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