GW Instek SFG-1003

Gw instek sfg-1003 - 3mhz dds function generator

Gw instek sfg-1003 - 3mhz dds function generator
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Primo number :INSFG1003
Brand :GW Instek
Brand number :SFG-1003

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GW INSTEK SFG-1003 - 3MHz DDS FUNCTION GENERATOR *DDS Technique and FPGA Chip Design *Frequency Range:0.1Hz~3MHz *High Frequency Accuracy : ± 20ppm *High Frequency Stability : ± 20ppm *Max. Frequency Resolution : 100mHz *Low Distortion Sine Wave : -55dBc,0.1Hz~200kHz The SFG-1000 Series, an economic function generator with high accuracy and high stability output, are designed based on the DDS (Direct Digital Synthesized) technology embedded in a large scale FPGA. The 3MHz frequency range and the output waveform selection of Sine, Square, Triangle and TTL available in the SFG-1000 Series adequately provide the fundamental functions to ensure high confidence in test results. The DDS technology at an affordable price gives a high value solution to the users who need a signal source for accurate but simple measurement applications.

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