Phenix Technologies HC75C

Phenix hc75c circuit breaker test set (75,000a max output)

Phenix hc75c circuit breaker test set (75,000a max output)
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Primo number :PHHC75C
Brand :Phenix Technologies
Brand number :HC75C

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PHENIX HC75C CIRCUIT BREAKER TEST SET (75,000A max output, 380-480V Input) • Circuit breaker protection • Control power switch with indicator and Output On indicator • Interlock open indicator • Emergency Off pushbutton • Highly reliable SCR’s combined with a phase angle firing system • Continuously variable output over entire test range utilizing a motorized vernier and programmable tap selector allowing for both auto-jog and current-hold capabilities • Standard HCSS1 and HCSS2 stab sets supplied (optional stab sets available) • Digital AC voltmeter for monitoring input, output, and external voltage up to 600 VAC • Currentmeter accuracy 0.8% of reading +0.3% of range • Interface port for optional printer • Casters for ease of mobility • Two copies of operation/maintenance manual TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 1- User Interface via HC-Controller: The HC-controller allows fully manual testing capabilities with out the need for computer software. Test results can be easily printed using printer port. 2- Computer-Control via WIN HC Software: User-friendly, menu-driven commands provide advanced database and report capabilities for test duplication and recall, report generation, and current wave shape display. 3- Testing Modes: Normal - the operator manually controls all functions of the test set. Jog-to-Hold - the test set jogs the output on at "Jog on Cycles" and off for "Jog off Secs" and raises the output until the "Hold Amps" is reached. Jog-to-Trip - the test set jogs the output on at "Jog on Cycles" and off for "Jog off Secs" until the circuit breaker under test trips. Current Hold - the output is held to within 1% of the "Hold Amps". Memory - used for testing the sensitivity pickup of electronic controllers (when the stop button is pressed, the current level is recalled). 4- Programmable Phase Angle Firing: This feature assures precisely repeatable current pulses with m inimal distortion and DC offset. This is achieved by combining the use of highly reliable SCR's and computer-controlled firing system. 5- Wave Form Display: This feature allows for viewing of the current wave form injected through the breaker. Detection of DC offset or contact bounce can be se en. With the use of the programmable phase angle firing circuit, DC offset may be corrected by varying the firing phase angle.

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