Phenix Technologies 4100-10

Phenix 4100-10 portable dc hipot, 100 kvdc

Phenix 4100-10 portable dc hipot, 100 kvdc
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Primo number :PH410010
Brand :Phenix Technologies
Brand number :4100-10

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PHENIX 4100-10 PORTABLE DC HIPOT, 100 kVDC • Circuit breaker protection • External interlock provision • High voltage On/Off pushbuttons with indicators • Zero Start interlock • Manual control of output voltage • Adjustable overload circuit with indicator and reset switch • Slow and fast-acting transient protection on all meters and relays • Built-in discharge circuit • Digital multi-range metering • Meters calibrated with standards certified by NIST. A traceable sticker is affixed to the faceplate. • Thermal resettable overload protecting high voltage transformer primary circuits. • Guard mode for accurate current measurements • Very low ripple, <2% RMS at full output • Filtered voltage doubler circuit, equivalent to full wave rectification • All control and power cables are included • Cable storage provision • Calibration certificate • Two copies of operation/maintenance manual Phenix Technologies offers a line of portable 40-160 kV DC Hipots with many advanced features including high accuracy, digital meters, analog charging currentmeter, adjustable overcurrent, and high output current ratings. The high voltage is generated by a filtered high voltage doubler circuit, that is built by Phenix for this application. A solenoid operated discharge switch quickly discharges the load after testing. All high voltage components are housed in an oil filled aluminum sealed grounded dead tank. A shielded high voltage lead allows the operator to safely connect the high voltage output to the test object. The high mA charging current, which is standard with all Phenix DC Hipots allows the operator to quickly and efficiently charge large capacitive loads. The precision metering measured off the high voltage output indicates the output voltage and leakage current on large easy to read digital meters. An analog meter is provided for reading leakage current. Additional safety features include an instantaneous and thermal overload protection for the operator and the test object. The proven and rugged design coupled with precision metering and ease of use have made DC hipots the optimal choice for high voltage DC testing. Environmental conditions • 10-40°C, indoor/outdoor in fair weather • Humidity <95% non-condensing • Altitude <3000 ft (1000 meters) Keywords: Dielectric breakdown test, dielectric withstand test, insulation resistance test, current leak, leakage current flow, electrical insulation, high potential testing, dielectric strength test, high potential test montreal

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