Phenix Technologies BK60

Phenix bk60 boom tester (115/120 vac), 60 kvac, 10 ma

Phenix bk60 boom tester (115/120 vac), 60 kvac, 10 ma
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Primo number :PHBK60
Brand :Phenix Technologies
Brand number :BK60

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PHENIX BK60 BOOM TESTER (115/120 VAC), 60 kVAC, 10 mA • Internal Voltage dividers for all units • Controls in a removable enclosure, grounded through the power cord with provisions for a separate ground cable • Circuit breaker for control power, combined with EMERGENCY OFF pushbutton • Guard mode for accurate current measurements • External interlock provision • "ZERO START" interlock • Overload circuit, adjustable from 10% to 110% of rated output current • CONTROL POWER ON indicator • HV ON/OFF pushbuttons with indicator • Manual control of output voltage • Resettable OVERLOAD indicator • 20 ft. (6m) interconnect cables between controls and high voltage unit • Grounding studs on control panel and high voltage transformer • 20 ft. (6 m) ground and return leads • Cable storage provision • Two copies of Operation/ Maintenance Manual • Optional cart mounted, telescoping red flashing light high voltage warning indicator • BK130's have a backup overload protection in the supply circuit PHENIX TECHNOLOGIES manufactures three models of Aerial Lift Test Sets. The BK60, BK130 and BK130-1. These units are designed specifically for AC dielectric testing in accordance with the latest and upcoming ANSI A92.2 draft standards. The BK60 is the most economical solution for boom testing on distribution level devices. The BK130 is the more powerful unit with output current sufficient to test both the elevating boom as well as the insulated work platform and linings. For those performing testing that requires transmission and distribution level boom testing but not lining testing, the BK130-1 is the more economical choice. These units can also be used in many other testing situations calling for AC dielectric and insulation testing. Designed for full portability, these test sets are mounted on a rugged two-wheel cart (except BK60) and consist of: - High voltage transformer - Control Unit - Interconnect cables When testing, the high voltage transformer is removed from the cart and placed close to the test object. The cart with the control box can then be moved away from the test area for the operator's safety. The high voltage transformers are oil-filled, insulating cylinders mounted on a steel base. The high voltage output is available from a toroid on top of the cylinder. The BK130 also utilizes a 35kV side output tap for liner testing. The voltage regulator is an adjustable autotransformer, air-insulated with a limit switch for "zero start" interlock. All units are equipped with a high accuracy internal divider. The low voltage arm of the divider feeds the panel-mounted voltmeter. Total measuring accuracy is better than 1% of full scale from 10%-100% of range. The lower end of the high voltage winding is connected to ground through a currentmeter circuit. Measuring accuracy is better than 1% of full scale. A return terminal provides precise measurement of actual current flow through the test object to guard out capacitive leakage currents (guard mode). An adjustable electronic overload circuit, with a total response time of less than 30 milli-seconds, provides protection from flashovers and short circuits for the high voltage transformer and for the test object.

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