Phenix Technologies LD60

Phenix ld60 oil dielectric test set, 60kvac

Phenix ld60 oil dielectric test set, 60kvac
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Primo number :PHLD60
Brand :Phenix Technologies
Brand number :LD60

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PHENIX LD60 OIL DIELECTRIC TEST SET, 60kVAC • Operating Safety features include an enclosed test chamber with a transparent cover, cover safety switch, and zero-start interlock on the high voltage output • Output Voltage is continuously increased from 0 to the breakdown voltage. The rate of rise may be selected at 500, 2000, or 3000 volts per second (LD60) and 2000 volts per second or continuously variable (LD75 and LD100) • Simplified Operation is achieved with the use of cradle contacts for the test cell. The liquid to be tested is placed in the test cell. The test cell is then placed inside the test cage on the cradle contacts • Single Range digital meter is used to record the breakdown voltage. The meter is reset with a switch • Operating Controls are conveniently grouped on the front panel. These include a large, easy-to-read meter, on/off switch with pilot lamp, a rate of rise selector switch, plus a start/reset switch. When a breakdown of the liquid occurs, a failure lamp will light and the meter will lock on the break-down voltage • Motorized Stirrer is available for testing in accordance with ASTM D1816. A power outlet is located in the test chamber for this test cell PHENIX Technologies’ Liquid Dielectric Test Sets are designed to measure the breakdown voltage of insulating fluids used in transformers, capacitors, bushings and related high voltage equipment. The units are portable and may be used for either on-site or laboratory testing. Two other models rated at 75 and 100 kV are available. Testing Capacity. These test sets are available with different types of testing cells which are used to hold the liquid during the test. The test sets, with the appropriate test cells, are capable of performing tests to conform to the following standards: ASTM D1816 and D877, IEC 156, BS148, VDE 0370, and other applicable standards. ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS 10-40°C, indoor/outdoor in fair weather - Humidity <95% non-condensing - Altitude <3000 ft (1000 meters)

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