Ideal 61-164

Ideal 61-164 suretest® circuit analyzer

Ideal 61-164 suretest® circuit analyzer
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Brand number :61-164

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IDEAL 61-164 SURETEST® CIRCUIT ANALYZER • True RMS • Measures voltage drop under 12, 15 and 20-amp loads • Measures voltage: Line, Ground-to-Neutral, Peak, Frequency • Measures Hot, Neutral and Ground conductor impedances • Identifies proper wiring in 3-wire receptacles • Identifies false (bootleg) grounds • Tests GFCIs for proper operation • Tests AFCIs for proper operation (61-165) • Checks for Shared Neutrals that lead to AFCI nuisance tripping (61-165) • Verifies dedicated circuits (with 61-176 adapter) • Includes 1-ft. extension cord and carrying case Utilizing patented technology, the SureTest ® circuit analyzers "look behind walls" to identify wiring problems that can lead to personal shock hazards, electrical fires, or equipment performance issues. Personal shock hazards stem from poor grounding, false grounds, and/or no ground fault protection. Electrical fires are primarily caused from arc faults and high resistance points that lead to glowing connections in the circuit wiring. And, equipment performance issues arise due to insufficient voltage available under load, poor ground impedance, and high ground-to-neu- tral voltage. In fact, it’s estimated that 80% of power quality performance issues are related to the faulty wiring issues.

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