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BACHARACH 24-8451 PCA®3 265 KIT (WITH O2, CO/H2-COMPENSATED, NO, NO2 MEAS.) W/PRINTER Bacharach 24-8451 PCA 3 265 Combustion Analyzer Kit with O2, CO/H2-compensated, NO, NO2 measurement and printer is the first advanced portable combustion analyzer with full color graphic display, giving the PCA 3 superior visibility and user friendly interface. The Bacharch 24-8451 PCA 3 measures and displays flue gas oxygen, carbon monoxide, stack temperature, combustion air temperature, draft and differential pressure. The PCA 3 is an essential tool for industry professionals who need to ensure operating conditions, determining combustion efficiency and performing emissions tests. The kit comes complete with a printer, hard carry case, 12" probe and hose assembly, factory calibrated and installed sensors, protective boot with magnet, 3 pack of replacement filter element, instruction manual, 4 AA batteries, USB cable and Fyrite User software . ANALYZER FUNCTIONALITY: • Directly measures and displays Flue Gas Oxygen (O2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Stack Temperature, Draft, Differential Pressure, Combustion Air Temperature • Optionally measures and displays Nitric Oxide (NO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) • Calculates and displays Combustion Efficiency (EFF), Excess Air (EA), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), NOx and Oxygen reference values • Ten selectable fuels plus the ability to custom-load fuels • Stores 1,000 tests (500 in memory and 500 in logged memory) SMART SENSORS: • Instrument includes a pre-calibrated Oxygen (O2) sensor and a pre-calibrated B-Smart® Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor • Unique B-Smart® sensor technology saves downtime and calibration costs • Best-in-Class sensor configuration flexibility allows purchased configurations or simple upgrade in the field • Sensor options include pre-calibrated B-Smart® NO, NO2, SO2 and CO high sensors GRAPHIC DISPLAY: • 320 x 240 pixel full color graphic display for superior visibility • Super-bright backlighting and zoom capability to ensure effortless readability in any low light boiler and furnace room situations • Easily change language parameters to display in formation in English, French or Spanish • Dimming mode function helps extend battery life RUGGED DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION: • Sturdy metal gas and draft connectors for added durability in the field • Tough ABS housing with rugged rubberized over-molding and protective boot with magnet

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