Hanna HI 7010L

Hanna hi 7010l ph 10.01 buffer solution , 500 ml

Hanna hi 7010l ph 10.01 buffer solution , 500 ml
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Primo number :HAHI7010L
Brand :Hanna
Brand number : HI 7010L

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HANNA HI 7010L PH 10.01 BUFFER SOLUTION , 500 mL pH 10.01 solutions are commonly used to calibrate equipment used for analyzing basic samples. The pH 10 buffer solution is available in various forms: choose the one that best fits your needs. HI 5010, HI 6010, HI 70010C, HI 7010L/C and HI 8010L/C come with certificates of analysis. HI 8010 solutions use opaque bottles, in accordance with the FDA standards (Food & Drug Administration), to prevent damage due to light exposure. Traceability with NIST Standard Reference HANNA instruments® pH 10 buffers are carefully prepared using the highest quality ingredients available, and are standardized with NIST references.

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