Steinel HG4000E

Steinel hg 4000 e heat gun -euro plug, 230v, ce listed

Steinel hg 4000 e heat gun -euro plug, 230v, ce listed
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STEINEL HG 4000 E HEAT GUN, LED TEMPERATURE DISPLAY • 230V heat gun with temperatures that can be changed in 10 degree increments from 80 to 1,100 degrees F • Continuously variable airflow up to 21 cubic feet per minute (CFM) • Heating element with ceramic encapsulation on each coil to extend coil life and provide even heat • Microprocessor controls both the heating element and the fan motor for precise temperature regulation • LED display indicates actual and target temperatures The Steinel 35023 HG 4000 E 230V electronically monitored heat gun with LED temperature display emits airstreams up to 21 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at temperatures ranging from 80 to 1,100 degrees F. The gun’s temperature setting can be changed in increments of ten degrees F, and the airflow can be varied continuously. The straight form gun has a field-changeable ceramic encapsulated heating element with a coil life of up to 500 hours to evenly heat the airstream, a microprocessor that controls both the heating element and the fan motor to precisely regulate temperatures, and a numeric LED display that shows the preset temperature as well as the actual output temperature. The HG 4000 E has a sealed direct current (DC) brushless motor, a power cord that can be changed without opening the enclosure, and the ability to stay calibrated after new heating elements are installed. It is suitable for many applications from welding roofing and flooring materials to touching up shrink wrap. Heat guns are hand tools that emit a stream of heated air at variable temperatures up to 1,300 degrees F (700 C). Most guns have an electrical heating element to control output temperatures and adjustable fan motors to regulate and focus airflow. Heat guns with high airflow output (greater than approximately 20 cubic feet per minute) are sometimes called heat blowers. Heat guns can be used for a variety of applications ranging from copper and plastic welding to touching up shrink wrap. Accessory nozzles (sold separately) are used to shape the air stream over a wider area, or direct it around pipes and tubing for even heating which prevents adjoining surfaces (such as panes of glass) from overheating, and some heat gun models incorporate workbench stands to allow hands-free operation. APPLICATIONS Construction Construction professionals rely on heat guns to lap weld roofing materials, install flooring, sweat pipes and to make vinyl siding workable in cold temperatures. These applications require heat guns that are durable and easily repaired in the field. Maintenance Stripping paint, applying shrink tubes and solder sleeves to repair wiring, loosening seized fastners, bending and shaping plastics, drying putties and paints and activating and deactifating adhesives are just a few of the many uses for heat guns in MRO industries. GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Temperature: 80°F - 1100°F (27°C - 599°C) Variable Airflow: Up to 21 cfm, 3000 Pa air pressure Output: 1750 watts Voltage: 120 VAC / 60 Hz Amps: 14.6 Power Cord: Rubber construction, double insulated Nozzle Diameter: 1.18” (29.97 mm) Uses same accessories as HG 2300 EM Dimensions: 15.00” x 4.00” x 4.00” (l x w x h) Net Weight: 2.24 lbs (35.84 oz) Single Sell Pack Dimensions: 18.00” x 5.00” x 5.00” Weight: 3.40 lbs (54.40 oz) Warranty: One year limited

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