Steinel HB1750

Steinel hb 1750 heat blower with all keys (5) p/n: 34750

Steinel hb 1750 heat blower with all keys (5) p/n: 34750
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Brand :Steinel
Brand number :HB1750

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STEINEL HB 1750 HEAT BLOWER WITH ALL KEYS (5) • Targeted 3.5 CFM airflow • 750°F Temperature (930°F with included 1/4” / 7 mm Reducer) • LED light illuminates work area • Sleek, balanced design for comfortable long-term use • Compact, lightweight construction • Built-in security hanger for overhead suspension • ESD safe • LED serves as a convenient “on” indicator • Safety rests help prevent surface contact with hot nozzle • “Thermo-Signal” temperature indicator The HG 350 ESD brings hot air to where it’s needed at any work place. This new hot air tool is easy to use, lightweight and extremely comfortable to hold thanks to its ergonomically shaped soft grip handle. It is the ideal tool for soldering, de-soldering and heat-shrinking. Compact in design, it fits into any tool box or service case. An integrated, bright LED light illuminates even the darkest of work situations and acts as an “on” indicator. In stationary applications and noisy surroundings, this LED light instantly lets you know the tool is running. The molded rests integrated in the housing also add to safety by keeping the hot tool at a distance from the work surface. APPLICATIONS - The HG 350 ESD is perfect for heat shrink tubing applications. - The compact design is ideal for precision work. SPECIFICATIONS Temperature :750°F (400°C) without reducer 930°F (500°C) with reducer Airflow : 3.5 cfm Output : 300 watts Voltage : 120 VAC / 50/60 Hz Amps : HG 350 ESD 2.5 Power Cord : Industrial grade rubber, length: 6 ft Nozzle Diameter : 0.75" (19 mm) Dimensions : HG 350 ESD 9.00" x 11.50" x 3.00" (l x w x h) Net Weight : HG 350 ESD 1.50 lbs (24.00 oz) Single Sell Pack Dimension: HG 350 ESD 11.00" x 10.00" x 4.00" Weight: 2.05 lbs Warranty : One year limited

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