Steinel hipurformer glue gun

Steinel hipurformer glue gun
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STEINEL HIPURFORMER GLUE GUN - FLX-Valve Technology™ permits easy, controlled extrusion and protection for the adhesive from air and moisture. This ensures initial and repeat use while preventing adhesive drool. - Durable components provide reliability and long life even under the most rigorous conditions - Specially designed trigger handle provides refined adhesive control - 20 minutes of cord-free operation makes it easy to take directly to the project regardless of location -Indicator lights on the base indicate when the applicator is ready for use - Quick 10-12 minute heat up The HiPURformer™ Advanced Bonding System is the perfect solution for virtually all your bonding needs. It combines the highest quality Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) Hot-Melt adhesives with the most easy to use, cost-effective PUR application system. All HiPURformer™ adhesives provide strong permanent waterproof bonds, for both interior and exterior use. Quick set times reduce the need for clamping or bracing, and in many applications can eliminate the use of nails or staples. This saves time and money spent on filling, sanding and staining repair marks. Extremely convenient and easy to use, the HiPURformer applicator provides up to 20 minutes of cord-free gluing after a quick 10-12 minute heat up. The charging station includes a green diode to indicate when “ready”. HiPURformer adhesives are available in handy 50 gm “no-drip” cartridges. APPLICATIONS - Glue kitchen furnishings and the like to ceramic. - Bathroom repair. - Home repair. SPECIFICATIONS Accessories : 50 g cartridge Glue : Available in 50gm "no-drip" cartridges Glue Application Temperature : 212°F - 284°F (100°C - 140°C) Open Time : 60 sec +/- 15 sec Warm Up Time : Quick 10 - 12 minutes Max. Application Time : 15-20 min (cordless gluing) Final Strength : 1 - 5 days (depending on material) Voltage : 120 VAC Nozzle Diameter : 0.87" (22.20 mm) Dimensions : 6.75" x 9.50" x 1.80" (l x w x h) Net Weight : 0.78 lb (12.48 oz) Single Sell Pack :Dimensions: 12.00" x 8.00" x 2.90" Weight: 1.92 lbs (30.70 oz) Warranty : One year limited

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