Staubli Electrical Connectors Inc. (Multi-Contact) Z4S-100

Staubli ec z4s-100 safety lead kit ( automotive)

Staubli ec z4s-100 safety lead kit ( automotive)
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Primo number :MUZ4S100
Brand :Staubli Electrical Connectors Inc. (Multi-Contact)
Brand number : Z4S-100

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MU Z4S-100 SAFETY LEAD KIT ( AUTOMOTIVE) Multi-Contact Blisterline Part Number : Z4S-100 - ø 4mm safety test leads, silicone insulated, 100cm long, 1.0mm2, max 19A - Push-on safety crocodile clips with all-round insulation and strong jaws with surface for fine wire - Push-on safety test probes, stainless steel, rigid, with protective cap for contact with individual IC legs (spacing 2.54mm) - Push-on safety test clips with strong jaws insulated on the outside, max.16A

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