Staubli Electrical Connectors Inc. (Multi-Contact) E4S-230

Staubli ec e4s-230 alligator clips

Staubli ec e4s-230 alligator clips
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Primo number :MUE4S230
Brand :Staubli Electrical Connectors Inc. (Multi-Contact)
Brand number :E4S-230

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Ø 4 mm SAFETY CROCODILE CLIPS - (2 pcs. black/red) Multi-Contact Blisterline Part Number : E4S-230 Crocodile clip made of brass with all-round insulation. Toothed jaws for wide grip with surface for fi ne wire. Ø 4 mm rigid socket in insulator accepting spring-loaded Ø 4 mm plugs with rigid insulating sleeve. TECHNICAL DATA Rated voltage : 1000 V, CAT II Rated current : 32 A Clamping capacity : 20 mm MC Type : XKK-1001

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