Simpson 12267

Simpson 12267, 229-2 ac leakage current tester

Simpson 12267, 229-2 ac leakage current tester
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Primo number :SI12267
Brand :Simpson
Brand number :12267

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SIMPSON 12267 229-2 AC LEAKAGE CURRENT TESTER . Designed around ANSI C39.5 requirement for the measurement of AC leakage current and UL Safety Standards. . Compensated to Approximate Dalziel's Perception Curve . Overload protected Up to 500 V Peak Momentarily on all ranges . Checks both 120 VAC and 240 VAC appliances . Includes Test Leads, Battery and Manual Small leakage currents can be dangerous! The current above the "threshold of perception" in appliances, motors and other equipment can cause a violent reaction which may result in serious physical injury. For service, lab, production or industry, the Model 229-2 helps determine product conformance to standards. CAUTION! Leakage current in appliances may increase with use and aging. Check appliances periodically for safety. Specifications Ranges: AC current: 0.3-1-3-10 mA AC voltage: 0-150 and 0-300 volts Battery Test: Replace-Good Short Test: Red Arc: 30 mA FS, Green arc: 10 mA or less Resolution: 5A on 0.3 mA range Accuracy: 3% at 60 Hz Input Impedance: For current tests, 1.5K in parallel with 0.15 F Input Resistance: 0.5 M for 150V Range, 1.0 M for the 300V range Accuracy Vs. Frequency: Approximates Dalziel's "Percentile 50 Threshold of Perception Curve" within 1.0 dB Battery Life: Approximately 200 hours Rated Circuit to Ground Voltage: 300Vrms Reference Conditions: 23C 1C, 30% to 60% Relative Humidity Overload Protection: Up to 500V peak momentary on all ranges Size: 7" x 5-1/4" x 3-1/8" Weight: 3 Ibs. (1.4 Kg) Battery: One 9V NEDA No. 13F, 1604A (Burgess Type PM-6 or Equivalent)

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