Simpson 40027

Simpson 40027, 228 ac/dc leakage current tester

Simpson 40027, 228 ac/dc leakage current tester
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Primo number :SI40027
Brand :Simpson
Brand number :40027

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SIMPSON 228 AC/DC LEAKAGE CURRENT TESTER . True RMS Readings . Reads in Measurement Indication Units (MIU) up to .005 MIU . Output Allows Measurement of Peak Current in Non-Sinusoidal Wave Forms . Let-Go, Reaction, and Burn Hazard Response Networks . Detects dangerous AC & DC Leakage currents . Includes Test Leads, Alligator Clips, Batteries and Manual Designed specifically to measure hazardous "Leakage Currents" or "Touch Currents" which may appear when a person touches the conductive surface of electrical or electronic equipment. The 228 is designed around IEC990, ANSI and UL guidelines.

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