Simpson 01312

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Primo number :SI01312
Brand :Simpson
Brand number :01312

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SIMPSON 01312 MODEL 186 CURRENT XFMR, 5A/10VAC - Optimal for Remote Sensing of AC Current Signals. - Converts AC Current Signal to 0-10AC Volt Signal - For use with Rectifier Type Analog Panel Meters or Digital Indicators. - Perfect for Low Current Measurement Where a Donut Current Transformer would not Sense a Signal. - UL Recognized The model 186 current transformer converts a current signal to a 0-10 AC Volt signal. This signal can be easi- ly transmitted to a remote location with little Voltage drop. The VA rating of a typical Donut Current Transformer allows only about 15 feet of wire between Donut and display unit. By converting the current signal to a voltage signal, the line loss to the display unit becomes a negligible factor over a greater distance. These units are also about a third of the price compared to transmitters that amplify and isolate a current signal. Analog rectifier type meters can have custom dials installed to display the current value of the transformer. A digital display meter can be scaled to the current value easily, but a 20,000 ohm 1/2 watt shunt is required across the secondary of the current transformer for accuracy to be maintained.

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