Delmhorst techcheck+/pkg techcheck plus insulation package

Delmhorst techcheck+/pkg techcheck plus insulation package
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Primo number :DETECHCHECK+/PKG
Brand :Delmhorst
Brand number :TECHCHECK+/PKG

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DELMHORST TECHCHECK+/PKG TECHCHECK PLUS MOISTURE METER PACKAGE (INCLUDES METER, CARRYING CASE, AND 21-E) . Bright, clear digital display. . Pin mode: - 0.1% - 6% drywall scale, Delmhorst Exclusive. - 6%-60% MC wood scale. - Integral Contact pins mounted on top of meter provide 5/16'' penetration. - Built-in connector accepts any Delmhorst electrode. . Scan Mode: (0-300 numerical reference scale). . Spanish language option. . Built-in back-light makes reading in dark places a cinch. . Auto-shutoff timer saves battery life. . Audible, adjustable alarm alerts you when your pre-selected MC has been reached. . Size: 8 ½'' x 3 3/8'' x 1 ¾''. . Weight: 11 oz. . Rugged construction ensures years of reliable use. . Sturdy plastic carrying case. . 9V battery. . 1-year warranty. Given the challenging conditions of building inspection, installation, and drying jobs, it pays to have an easy-to-use moisture meter that you can depend on. The easy-to-use 2-in-1 TechCheck PLUS was designed with simplicity in mind and helps to make even the most demanding job simple. The newly updated TechCheck PLUS has all the great features you've come to expect, along with some new ones. This kit includes: meter, carrying case, and 21-E. TECHCHECK PLUS PACKAGE VARIATIONS TechCheck PLUS: Includes meter, carrying case and additional contact pins. Order as TECHCHECK+W/CS. TechCheck PLUS Insulation package: Includes meter, 21-E electrode, extra contact pins for the meter, and carrying case. Order as TECHCHECK+/PKG.

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