Martel Electronics (Beta Martel) 1919406

Martel mecp10k-kit hydraulic pump (10,000 psi)

Martel mecp10k-kit hydraulic pump (10,000 psi)
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Primo number :MA1919406
Brand :Martel Electronics (Beta Martel)
Brand number :1919406

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The MECP Series of pneumatic and hydraulic test pumps are high performance hand operated pumps that allow the user to generate both pressure and vacuum for precise testing of pressure instrumentation including transmitters, pressure switches, etc. The pneumatic pumps allow pressures in excess of 100 or 500 PSI (model-dependent) to be generated with just a few strokes of the pump. By changing the switching valve to vacuum, a range of -27" Hg is available. The MECP10K Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump works with a variety of hydraulic fl uids or even water to easily generate test pressures up to 10,000 PSI (700 Bar). It uses a unique fully adjustable stroke control to allow for fast priming or fi lling of test systems, and then switching as needed to a smaller stroke for easier pumping at high pressure. The output pressure of all pumps can be fi ne tuned using the vernier control. A precision needle valve allows controlled venting for exacting pressure calibration requirements. All pumps features NPT connections for ease of use. See specifi cations for details. In addition to the bare pump, all pump models are offered in kit form with a hard sided carrying case and a fl exible connection hose with appropriate fi ttings.

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