GW Instek GFG-8255A

Gw instek gfg-8255a function generator, 5mhz

Gw instek gfg-8255a function generator, 5mhz
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Primo number :INGFG8255A
Brand :GW Instek
Brand number :GFG-8255A

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GW INSTEK GFG-8255A FUNCTION GENERATOR, 5MHz . 0.5Hz ~ 5MHz Frequency Range . Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, TTL and CMOS Output Waveforms . External Voltage Controlled Frequency (VCF) Function . Duty Cycle Control with Signal Inversion Capability . Variable DC Offset Control . Two Step (-20dB x 2) and Variable Attenuator . Built-in 6 Digit Counter with INT/EXT Function up to 150MHz . INT/EXT AM/FM Modulation . LIN/LOG Sweep Mode . Gate Controlled Voltage (GCV) Output for Synchronisation The 5MHZ GFG-8255A is one of the most feature rich function generators in the GFG-8200 range. It is embedded with standard functions such as TTL/CMOS/Ramp output, External Voltage Controlled Frequency (VCF), as well as a built-in 6-digit counter. The GFG-8255A is a robust instrument with Logarithmic, Linear Sweep, Generator Control Voltage (GCV) output and AM/FM modulation. All these integrated and user-friendly functions of the GFG-8255A are made to accommodate a vast number of applications.

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