Kyoritsu KEW 2413F

Kyoritsu 2413f leakage clamp meter

Kyoritsu 2413f leakage clamp meter
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Primo number :KY2413F
Brand :Kyoritsu
Brand number :KEW 2413F

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KYORITSU 2413F LEAKAGE CLAMP METER - Extra wide transformer jaws are best suited for clamping on all three or four wires (3phases) together for leakage current measurement. - Frequency filter switch to eliminate the effect of harmonics. - Output terminal. Specifications: Functional Specifications Range: 200mA; 2A; 20A; 200A; 1000A Accuracy: ±1.5% rdg ± 2dgt (200mA/2A/20A); ±2% ± 2dgt (200A; 0-500A); ±5.5% rdg (501-1000A) Response Time: Approximately 2 seconds General Specifications Conductor Size: Ø68mm Dimensions: 250mm x 130mm x 50mm Weight: 570g

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