Prova 6830 + 3007

Prova-6830+3007 power and harmonics analyzer (3000a)

Prova-6830+3007 power and harmonics analyzer (3000a)
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Primo number :*PR6830+3007
Brand :Prova
Brand number :6830 + 3007

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PROVA-6830+3007 POWER ANALYZER W/FLEXCLAMP 3007 - Analysis for 3P4W, 3P3W, 1P2W, 1P3W - True RMS Value(V 123 and L 123 ) - Active Power(W, KW, MW, GW) - Apparent and Reactive Power (KVA, KVAR) - Power Factor (PF), Phase Angle (£X) - Energy (WH, KWH, KVARH, PFH) - Current Measurement from 0.1mA to 3000A, Capable of Analyzing IT Standby Power Consumption to the Maximum Demand of a Factory - Display of 35 Parameters in One Screen(3P4W) - Programmable CT (1 to 600) and PT (1 to 3000) Ratios - Display of Overlapped Voltage and Current Waveform - 2.4M Memory with Programmable Interval (1 to 6000 seconds, 17000 Records for 3P4W System) - Output of Waveform, Power Parameters and Harmonics at Command - Large Dot Matrix LCD Display with Backlight - Average Demand (AD in W, KW, MW) - Maximum Demand (MD in W, KW, MW) with Programmable Period - Harmonic Analysis to the 99th Order - Display of 50 Harmonics in One Screen with Waveform - Display of Waveform with Peak Values (1024 Samples/Period) - Analysis of Total Harmonic Distortion (%THD-F) - Graphic Phasor Diagram with 3 Phase System Parameters - Capture 28 Transient Events (Time+Cycles) with Programmable Threshold(%) - 3 Phase Voltage Unbalance Ratio (VUR) - 3 Phase Voltage Unbalance Factor (d0%, d2%) - Calculated Unbalance Current through Neutral Line (In) - Optical isolated USB Interface - Built-in Timer and Calendar for Data Logging General Specifications Power Supply : Qty 8 x 1.5 volt SUM-3 Power Consumption : 140mA (approx.) External DC Input : Use only power supply adapter Model PHAPSA Low Battery Indication : Yes Overload Indication : Yes (OL) Operating Temperature : -10°C to 50°C Storage Temperature : -20°C to 60°C Operating Humidity : Less than 85% relative Storage Humidity : Less than 75% relative Dimensions : 257mm (L) x 155mm (W) x 57mm (D) Weight : 1160g (batteries included) AFLEX 3007 Flexible Current Probes Probe Length (3007-24) : 24 inches/610mm Minimum Bending Diameter : 35mm Connector Diameter : 23mm Cable Diameter : 14mm Cable Length from Probe to Box: 1700mm Cable Length from Box to Output: 1700mm Power Supply : Powered by power analyzer Dimension (BOX) : 130mm (L) x 80mm

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