Prova 11

Prova 11 dc/ac ma clamp meter, 4000 counts

Prova 11 dc/ac ma clamp meter, 4000 counts
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PROVA 11 DC/AC mA CLAMP METER, 4000 Counts • Large 4000 counts LCD display with bar graph • Very accurate clamp meter AC/DC • Super high resolution DC 1 mA, AC 0.1 mA • True RMS • Conductor Diameter 23mm • Large 3-3/4 digits LCD (4000 counts) • Additional ADP range for 400mV input • Fast Analog Bar-Graph Display • 600Vrms overload Protection for Ohm Measurement • Data Hold and Max/Min Hold • Auto-power off Specifications( 23°C ±5°C) DC Current: Range: MA (0-4A) - 30A Resolution: 1mA - 10mA Accuracy: ±2.0%±3dgts Overload Protection: DC 40A- DC 100A AC Current (True RMS, Crest Factor < 3): Range: 400mA Resolution: 0.1mA Accuracy: 50/60 Hz(±1.5% ±5dgts) / 40 - 100Hz(±2.0% ±5dgts) Overload Protection: AC 40A Range: 4000mA Resolution: 1mA Accuracy: 50/60 Hz(±2.5% ±5dgts) / 40 - 1KHz(±3.0% ±5dgts) Overload Protection: AC 40A Range: 30A Resolution: 10mA Accuracy: 50/60 Hz(±2.0 %±5dgts) / 40 - 1KHz( ±2.5% ±5dgts) Overload Protection: AC 100A DC Voltage: (Input Impedance: 10MO) Range: 400V Resolution: 0.1V Accuracy: ±1.0%±2dgts Overload Protection: DC 1000V AC Voltage:(Input Impedance: 10MO, True RMS, Crest Factor < 3) Range: 400V Resolution: 0.1V Accuracy: 50/60 Hz ( ±1.5%±4dgts ) / 40 - 1KHz ( ±2.0%±5dgts) Overload Protection: AC 800V General Specifications Conductor Size: 23mm max. (approx.) Dimension (Box): 183 (L) x 61.3 (W) x 35.6 (H) mm 7.2" (L) x 2.5" (W) x 1.4" (H) Battery Type: two 1.5V SUM-3 Display: 3 3/4 LCD with 40 seg. bargraph Range Selection: Manual Overload Indication: left most digit blinks Power Consumption: 15 mA (approx.) Low Battery Indication: "B" Sampling Time: 2 times/sec. (display) / 20 times/sec. (bargraph) Operating Temperature: -10°C to 50°C Operating Humidity: less than 85% relative Altitude: up to 2000M Storage Temperature: -20°C to 60°C Storage Humidity: less than 75% relative Weight: 190g (battery included)

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