Hanna HI 7022L

Hanna hi 7022l orp test solution at 470 mv (@20°c) , 500 ml

Hanna hi 7022l orp test solution at 470 mv (@20°c) , 500 ml
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Primo number :HAHI7022L
Brand :Hanna
Brand number :HI 7022L

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HANNA HI 7022L ORP TEST SOLUTION AT 470 mV (@20°C) , 500 mL ORP standard solutions allow you to test the precision of ORP electrodes. For example, by immersing the electrode in HI 7020 solution, you should read within the 200 to 275 mV range (@20°C/68°F). If the reading is outside the indicated interval, clean and condition your ORP electrode in HANNA instruments® pretreatment solution. Use HI 7092 for oxidizing or HI 7091 for reducing pretreatment. Refill Electrolyte Solutions The electrolyte level in refillable electrodes should be checked before performing any measurement. If the level is low, refill with the proper electrolyte solution to ensure the correct electrode performace. This simple maintenance helps guarantee the efficiency and precision of your refillable electrodes. Electrolyte solutions are also available in FDA compliant bottles. General and Specific Cleaning Clean the liquid junction of your electrodes once a day or at least once a week to prevent clogging and to maintain accuracy. Immerse the electrode in the proper cleaning solution for about 5 minutes. HANNA instruments® offers a wide range of cleaning solutions, for geneal purpose and specific applications, to eliminate all kind of dirt or deposit from the electrode, and thus ensure correct measurements. The cleaning solutions are available in 20 mL sachets, or 230 and 500 mL bottles, both standard and FDA types. Storage Solutions To minimize clogging and ensure fast response time, keep always moist the glass bulb and the junction of your pH electrode. Store the electrode with a few drops of HI 70300 storage or pH 7 buffer solution in the protective cap.

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