Hanna HI 504214-1

Ha hi504214-1 ph/orp controller w/tele-control& sensor check

Ha hi504214-1 ph/orp controller w/tele-control& sensor check
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Primo number :HAHI5042141
Brand :Hanna
Brand number :HI 504214-1

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HANNA HI504214-1 PH/ORP CONTROLLER w/TELE-CONTROL&S ENSOR CHECK . PID, PI, proportional or ON/OFF control of pH or ORP for one or two set points . Logging of up to 100 system events and up to 6000 readings (pH, ORP, T) . Sensor Check for a real-time pH/ORP electrode status monitoring . Control performed with up to 4 relays or analog output in 0-20 or 4-20 mA . Digital transmitter or direct connection of the probe . Automatic probe cleaning from alarm or user request . Matching PIN to eliminate the ground loop effect . Automatic temperature compensation for pH. The Hanna Instruments HI 504 Series of pH/ORP Digital Controller is a PID, PI, proportional or on/off pH/ORP controller with one or two set points. The measurement configuration settings and control of pH and ORP are saved separately and permits users to switch between pH and ORP without losing settings. The pH channel can be calibrated in 2 calibration points. The instrument has a full auto diagnostic procedure. Sensor Check is also available for pH and ORP probes. The temperature is continuously monitored using a temperature sensor (Pt100 or Pt1000 type) with automatic temperature compensation of pH. One or two analog controller outputs (0-20 or 4-20 mA) can be configured for pH/ORP recording or controlling (only for models with PID), and relays can be used to control the process or be connected with alarm status. Controller status is visable with LED's on the front panel and on LCD. The Hanna Instruments HI 504 Series controllers logging feature can save up to 6000 samples pH/°C or ORP and last 100 error, configuration, calibration and cleaning events. This information can accessible from a PC through RS485 and HI 92500 software. The powerful Hanna Instruments HI 92500 software has graphing capabilities and can print graphs directly or can be saved as a bitmap. Data can be exported in common spreadsheet formats. SENSOR CHECK pH/ORP Sensor Check performs self-diagnostic and troubleshooting functions by continuously verifying the electrode status based on impedance movement of the glass and reference measurement. The internal circuit of the instrument executes two independent tests, one for the probe and one for the reference chamber, measuring the respective impedance values every 5 seconds. The tests run by the Hanna Instruments HI 504 Series last for a very short period to avoid electrolysis and polarization, which can be caused by a prolonged exposure to an electric current. The types of problems identified by Sensor Check are: pH electrode broken, reference electrode dirty, reference electrode or matching pin not immersed, clogged or dirty electrode junction, short-circuit between cables of pH and reference electrodes, signal problems from the cable or connector due to humid or dirty environments. The test is not limited to a simple signal that indicates an error in progress, but it reports the nature of the problem with a specific error code.

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