Hanna HI 1006-1007

Hanna hi 1006-1007 flat tip industrial electrode

Hanna hi 1006-1007 flat tip industrial electrode
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Primo number :HAHI10061007
Brand :Hanna
Brand number :HI 1006-1007

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HANNA HI 1006/1007 FLAT TIP INDUSTRIAL ELECTRODE . Self-cleaning flat tip sensor . Significantly reduced maintenance requirement . Models especially designed for plating baths . PVDF body . Three junction types: ceramic, Teflon® and open junction . Built-in potential matching pin . Four different glass type pH sensors . ORP electrodes with platinum or gold sensor . Models with built-in Pt100 or Pt1000 temperature sensor . Models with internal amplifier powered by the process controller . 3/4" NPT external thread on both ends for easy installation HANNA instruments® presents a new series of combination pH and ORP electrodes, including more than 300 models, incorporating over 20 years of electrode manufacturing experience. The most advanced feature of this series is the electrode shape with flat tip, which virtually eliminates deposits that can foul the electrode, significantly reducing necessary maintenance. This characteristic makes flat tip electrodes ideal for continuous in-line monitoring, and with solutions containing aggressive chemicals. The PVDF body offers a higher level of mechanical and temperature resistance. Moreover, the PVDF material is non-toxic and compatible with food applications. Each pH and ORP electrode is provided with an internal matching pin that can avoid typical problems caused by grounding loop current, such as: . progressive damage of the electrode . fluctuating measurements . poor process regulation Select the flat tip electrode that best fits your process requirements, by choosing from the following technical characteristics: 1. Junction Three junction types are available: . annular non-clogging Teflon® junction, for testing solutions with high content of suspended solids or for high pressure installation . open junction, ideal for wastewater analysis . ceramic junction 2a. Sensitive Glass Membrane (pH Electrodes) HANNA instruments® has developed four types of specialized glass. First is an extremely durable sensor glass for general purpose industrial use. This glass can withstand sudden impacts and extreme mechanical stress. The remaining types of electrode glass allow continuous monitoring in highly acidic solutions containing fluoride ions, as well as high or low temperature process streams significantly increasing the electrode life. 2b. ORP Sensor ORP electrodes are provided with a platinum sensor for most applications, while a gold sensor is required for measurement of cyanide or highly oxidant environments. 3. Temperature Sensor The pH electrodes with built-in 3-wire Pt100 or Pt1000 temperature sensor allow the temperature compensation of pH readings, as well as temperature measurements. 4. Connection Type Electrodes can be provided with wire for direct connection to a transmitter or process controller, or with the standard BNC connector. 5. Built-in Amplifier Models with a built-in amplifier are necessary for long distance measurements, where it is not possible to install a transmitter. The internal amplifier can be powered directly from a HANNA instruments® process controller. 6. Cable Length Non-amplified electrodes can be provided with a 5, 10 or 15 meter cable (16, 33 or 49 feet), while the amplified models can be provided with a 15, 25, 50 or 75 meter cable (49, 82, 164 or 246 feet).

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