Aemc br07 resistance decade box, 1 ohm-11.11111mohm

Aemc br07 resistance decade box, 1 ohm-11.11111mohm
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Primo number :AE213125
Brand :AEMC
Brand number :BR07

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AEMC MODEL BR07 RESISTANCE DECADE BOX . Rotary switch selector . Stop position to prevent accidental switching from 10 to 0 . Seven decades: 1 to 10MO . Max Current: 0.1mA . Male ground (earth) terminal with safety jack . Outputs on Ø 4mm safety terminals . Ground jumper lead EN 61010-2-031, 150V Cat. II Pollution Degree 2 . Accuracy 1% The Resistance Decade Box Model BR07 is built into a metal bench top box. It is used for testing and calibration of test equipment. The main function of the Model BR04 is to create a resistance with a specific value by using a combination of the rotary decade switches. The Model BR07 has seven decade ranges from 1 to 10MO. The Model BR07 is equipped with Ø 4mm safety terminals for connections. It is designed to EN 61010-1 safety standards. Includes ground jumper lead.

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