Shimpo MCS-655

Shimpo mcs-655 photo reflective sensor

Shimpo mcs-655 photo reflective sensor
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Primo number :SHMCS655
Brand :Shimpo
Brand number :MCS-655

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SHIMPO MCS-655 PHOTO REFLECTIVE SENSOR . Photo sensor with NPN sinking output . 333 Hz activating frequency . LED status . 10' (3 m) cable . NEMA 4 (IP65) . 1" to 3' (25 to 914 mm) operating range for light or dark activation MCS-655 photo reflective sensor is a general purpose retro-reflective NPN open collector photo sensor with Light / Dark activated output that operates up to 333 Hz. For alignment purposes there is an LED mounted on top of the unit and also a sensitivity adjustment pot. The MCS-655 model comes with a connection cable, LED status indicator, sensitivity control (not with polarization filter version) and mounting nuts. Specifications: Sensing Distance : 1" to 3 ft Activity Frequency : 333 Hz Excitation Requirement : 10 - 30 VDC (30 mA) Maximum Current Sinking : 100 mA Operating temperature : -13° F-131° F (-25° C-55° C) Degree of Protection : IP66 / NEMA 4 Cable Length : 10 ft

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